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  1. In placing orders, it is the responsibility of the Customer to check if dimensions and spacing (such as drawers, cabinets and shelves clearance) will serve their purpose.

  2. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the customer to check and confirm that ordered items will not encounter any vertical or horizontal clearance problems such as stairways, door entrances, elevators, hallways, L & U shape turns, low ceiling or any tight passageways. BIARA shall not be held liable for any dents, scratches or any damage arising from aforementioned clearance problems.

  3. Any order is considered final upon signing of this contract and receipt of down payment, after which BIARA shall no longer accept changes in dimensions, finishing, quantity, etc.


  1. An official representative of BIARA will contact the customer to notify and finalize delivery details such as date, address, confirmation of remaining account balance due and mode of payment.

  2. BIARA will hold the delivery of ordered items in the absence of full settlement of the remaining balance and other charges.

  3. In the event that the Customer fails to comply with the conditions with regard to settlement of remaining balance and acceptance of goods on the agreed and arranged date of delivery, it is understood that costs to be incurred for the 2nd delivery will be charged to the Customer.

  4. Upon delivery, the BIARA crew shall not be made to move or remove or disassemble or install other furniture, appliances, electronics, or equipment etc. other than the ordered items from BIARA.

  5. On pick-up items, BIARA will not be held responsible for scratches, dents, stains, damages, etc. if the Customer fails to pick-up the ordered item within 7 days from date of notice that ordered items are ready for pick-up.

  6. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide the necessary documents such as gate passes, permits, etc. for the area in regards for delivery of their item.


  1. If the Customer is unable to accept the ordered items on the date of notice of availability, the Customer shall be required to settle balance in full and shall be subject to conditions which apply to storage of items.

  2. BIARA shall agree to store the ordered items for a maximum period of ninety (90) days starting from the date of notice of availability. A corresponding storage fee of 1% of the total job order amount per week shall be charged to the Customer. The ordered items shall not be released or delivered until all charges including storage fees are fully paid.

  3. If the customer fails to claim the ordered items within the maximum period of ninety (90) days allotted for storage or if the customer refuses to settle the remaining balance including storage fees, the ordered items shall be forfeited including any down payment made for the said item/s.

  4. All forfeited shall be sold to other customer to compensate BIARA for all related charges incurred.

Policy Info: Store Policies
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